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Saturday 10 to 3


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We offer our own farm-raised certified organic beef, pork, veal, cheese and vegetables.  We also carry products from other local farms, including eggs from pastured hens (fed 100% certified organic grains), maple syrup, raw honey, and fruit butters.


How do we raise our animals?

Dairy cows are raised on pasture and fed a small amount of organic corn.  They get a fresh plot of grass every day during the grazing season.  Our cows are never confined.

Beef and veal are pasture-raised on certified organic pastures.  They eat only grass (and milk for the veal) from April through mid-November.  Over the winter they are fed organic hay and balage (high moisture hay) plus a small amount of organic corn silage.  The corn silage is less than 5% of their diet over the winter.

Pigs are raised outside and are never confined.  They are able to express their natural behaviors and are fed organic grains, milk, hay and leftover vegetables from our organic gardens.

Our animals are fed 100% certified organic feed – all grown on our farm.


Our feed NEVER contains:

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Animal By-Products


Chemicals of any kind


No chemicals are used on our land, animals or in the processing of our products!


Find our Farm Store near the corner of East River Drive and Sunnyside Road in Nichols, NY.













Kevin and Lisa Engelbert & Family

182 Sunnyside Road

Nichols, NY  13812

(607) 699-3775


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