Engelbert Farms, LLC is a certified organic dairy farm, certified by Vermont Organic Farmers (NOFA-VT). 

It is a true family farm, farming in the same location since 1911.

Kevin, Lisa and their sons Joe and John all actively work on the farm.  Their other son, Kris is often around helping out, too.

Finger Lakes Cheese Alliance


Engelbert Farms is a member of the Finger Lakes Cheese Alliance!  You’ll find us (and our organic artisan cheese!) at the Finger Lakes Cheese Festival on July 23, 2016 from 10 to 5 at Sunset View Creamery in Odessa, NY.


Visit www.flxcheese.com for more info, and follow the Finger Lakes Cheese Alliance on Facebook!



We have been farming organically since 1981, and have been certified organic since 1984.  We recently learned that we were the first certified organic dairy farm in the country!  We sold our organic milk into the conventional market for 20 years until we joined CROPP Cooperative and started shipping milk to Organic Valley in August 2001.   No chemicals are ever used on our fields, and no antibiotics, hormones, or synthetic wormers are ever used on our animals.  Our dairy cows live out their lives happily munching high quality, Organic grass, hay and small amounts of organic corn – all grown on our farm.  During the grazing season, the Dairy cows are on a fresh plot of grass daily. Our cows are never confined. Beef cows are 100% grass-fed from April through mid-November each year.  Over the winter they are fed organic hay, balage (higher moisture hay), and a small amount corn silage as an energy source.  Corn silage is less than 5% of their diet over the winter. Corn silage is the entire corn plant, chopped and fermented.  It accounts for around 5% of their diet over the winter, and provides an energy source to help maintain body condition in cold weather. Veal calves are raised in the pasture with their mothers.  Pigs are fed certified organic grains, milk, hay and leftover vegetables from our organic gardens.  No animal by-products are ever fed to our animals. Our beef, pork and veal are available by individual cuts – no order is too small!

In 2015 we will be raising certified organic potatoes, onions, sweet corn and other vegetables, which will be available at our farm store later in the summer and fall.

“No chemicals ever used on our land or Animals!”



NO Pesticides

NO Herbicides

NO Chemical Fertilizers

NO Hormones

NO Antibiotics

NO Animal By-Products





We make our living
with our Animals,

not from them!


Most  food is trucked thousands of miles before it reaches the grocery store.  When you buy food that is produced locally, you are helping to reverse this wasteful trend.   Locally produced food is a good buy!  It is good for the farmer, good for the consumer and best of all,




It is important to know where your food is produced!

Most meat sold in grocery stores is produced in feedlots where there are thousands of animals crowded in pens on concrete.  They are fed a diet of mainly grain laced with antibiotics to help keep them healthy in such unnatural conditions.

Our cows and calves are raised in lush pastures and fed very little grain.  Our pigs are raised outdoors with plenty of room to exhibit their natural behavior.



Engelbert Farms, LLC is Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers

Why is Engelbert Farms certified by Vermont Organic Farmers??  Lisa Engelbert works for NOFA NY Certified Organic, LLC, the main USDA-accredited certification agency in New York State.  Engelbert Farms cannot be certified by the agency she works for – it would be considered a conflict of interest.  Engelbert Farms is certified by Vermont Organic Farmers, the certification branch of NOFA VT, to avoid the possibility of a conflict of interest.


Kevin and Lisa Engelbert & Family

182 Sunnyside Road

Nichols, NY  13812

(607) 699-3775


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Engelbert Farms, LLC is a true FAMILY FARM!

Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers

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